Bat Survey Services For Any Project...

Bat Survey Services
For Any Project...


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My name is Christopher Smith, I am an Independent Chartered Environmentalist and have been conducting bat surveys for over 30 years. Due to my experience in this field, I offer a comprehensive range of services to cater for any bat related needs you may have. Information on these services can be found on the homepage or via the services tab on the navigation.

If you would like to book a bat survey or enquire about a particular service, then please head over to the contact page and fill in the contact form. Alternative contact information can also be found there.

"We can undertake surveys for bats in all manner of properties and structures"
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Bats are a European Protected Species that have protection under UK legislation, including the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Habitats Regulations 1994. Because of their protected status it is an offence to kill, injure or disturb bats. Planning guidance now requires that new planning applications are submitted with adequate information on biodiversity and that methods are sought to identify ‘ways of building biodiversity into the design of new development.

Our full range of services includes:-


We can undertake surveys for bats in all manner of properties, identifying roosts and the potential for roosts. As a part of the planning process we can design mitigation schemes to retain bat roosts, encourage bats and manage the mitigation throughout the building project.

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It is sometimes necessary to undertake Emergence surveys of buildings where bats roost or are thought to roost. Damaging or destroying a bat roost is an absolute offence under the Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) (Amendment) Regulations 2010 and can carry a fine.

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All British bats are insectiverous and are active during the period dusk till dawn, when they are at least risk from predators. Because bats are nocturnal, if areas of the building have been identified as possible bat roosts then evening visits to a site will be necessary.

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The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) requires that bats are considered in any planning permission and there is a requirement surveys to be undertaken before a planning application is put to committee or as a condition of any planning permission.

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The presence of bats will require any proposed development to take account of bats and determine whether the scheme will have an impact upon the bats. Where bats are known to roost in a building it will be necessary to submit an application for a European Protected Species licence before any development.

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A European Protected Species licence will require a developer to implement a mitiagtion scheme in a set manner and to an agreed programme. The method statement that forms a part of the licence will include a timetable for the implementation of the bat mitigation along with long term monitoring.

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