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Building Surveys for Bats

Bats are a European Protected Species that have protection under UK legislation, including the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Habitats Regulations 1994. Because of their protected status it is an offence to kill, injure or disturb bats. Planning guidance now requires that new planning applications are submitted with adequate information on biodiversity and that methods are sought to identify ‘ways of building biodiversity into the design of new development.

We can undertake surveys for bats in all manner of properties, identifying roosts and the potential for roosts prior to planning permission being submitted. As a part of the planning process we can design mitigation schemes to retain bat roosts, encourage bats and manage the mitigation throughout the building project. Surveys can highlight means of creating roosting opportunities for bats, thereby fulfilling biodiversity requirements under planning legislation, and promoting a scheme as having benefits for a species at a local or regional level.

Our full range of services includes:-

» Building surveys for bats
» Emergency surveys
» Dusk and dawn bat surveys
» Planning advice on bats & and buildings
» Mitigation design
» Mitigation project management
'we can undertake surveys for bats in all manner of properties and structures'
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